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Spec Homes

With Over 50 Years of Combined Experience in the Building Industry, We Are The Builder You Can Trust!

What Is a Spec Home?

Spec homes are constructed by home builders who understand the balance between amenity and reliability. Spec homes, or move-in-ready homes as they’re also called, provide all the stability of a standard new home while empowering customers to know exactly what home they’re buying. Rather than envision what their house will eventually look like, interested families can walk the floor of a spec home with the confidence of knowing this house is the one they’ll be living in. Below are five key benefits of purchasing a spec home.

Quality Spec Home Builder

in Lake Havasu City

Superior Quality Construction, Excellent Materials, Energy Efficient and Beautiful too! Moran AZ Homes’ Contractor, Jose Moran and his Father have been building quality homes for decades. Our attention to detail and pride in the workmanship for each house built stands out from other homes.


Each house is designed to suit the specific owner.


From the roof, windows and appliances inside, we use energy efficient products to save you money for years.


In every stage of your home construction, we are on-site to ensure quality workmanship.

Benefits of Buying

a Spec Home

Spec Homes Are Affordably Priced

Quality home builders invest their time in blueprints and design plans they know will turn into sturdy and reliable homes. By removing the potential for poor design choices, home owners are afforded peace of mind at no additional cost.

They Can
Reduce Risk

Investing in a spec home grants you the relief of knowing your home, its appliances, and all related components are brand new and designed with the most popular tastes in mind. The spec home provides an immediate and comfortable residence that’s also a reliable investment.

Spec Homes Offer Immediate Availability

Spec homes eliminate the lengthy wait so often tied to new construction. That level of expediency is hardly ever found in custom builds, often asking the perspective owners to commit time and money to the planning of their home long before it becomes a reality.


Many important decisions are made by the builder during the design process, using what’s known to be popular among past customers to choose options. This cost-saving approach can ensure your home has everything it needs to support a happy future while not breaking the bank with unnecessary expenses.

Walk Through
Before You Buy

With affordable price points, balanced amenities, immediate availability and reduced risk, spec homes are an ideal option for homebuyers hunting for a new construction home.

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